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by Nikos Grivas

Welcome to Naxos Apartments!

Naxos Island is famous for its long beautiful beaches with the crystal clear waters, the traditional villages and the hospitable inhabitants. All these make clear that Naxos is the ideal destination for families. Families usually have a hard time finding accommodation with the right size and price. In our pages you can find apartments with two separate rooms, with pool, reception, parking and  garden. Most of the apartments are fully equipped with kitchen, fridge, air condition, satellite television, safety box, radio, alarm clock and wireless internet (WiFi). In the online bookings section you can book your accommodation directly using your credit card information, without any charges or cancellation fees. In the apartments section you can find apartment's websites for direct negotiation with the hotel owner. You can also book your car through our website and have it waiting for you at the port or the airport.

naxos island

Naxos Beaches

saint george
Saint George is the town's beach and as a result it is usually very busy during the summer months. It is a long sandy beach with swallow waters and despite the fact that is literally in the town it is very clean. Along the beach you will find many nice restaurant and bars. You can also do water sports here such as windsurfing.

agios prokopios
Agios Prokopios is just 5 kilometers to the south of Naxos town and it is one of Greece's top five most beautiful beaches, 1200 meters long. Well protected from the winds, it has very fine, white sand. Since a road was built it has been the scene of intense development, and there are now numerous hotels and tavernas here.

Plaka is immediatelly beyond Agia Anna beach. This is the biggest of the three beaches, streching for around 4 kilometers, and is an ex-hippie paradise, at the far end of Plaka you may still find some nudists. There are a few hire outlets and some small restaurants but it is not too built up as yet.

Kastraki area is actually three beaches, Kastraki, Glika Nera and Glyfada. Grouped together, they stretch for 3 kilometers, with blindingly white sand and clear water. It is an oasis of peace and calm if you are hoping to get away from it all. There are a few rooms for hire and some tavernas.

The road from Naxos town reaches Pirgaki after Aliko. The rather sinister look of the unfinished buildings cannot detract for the site's beauty. It is a small, green peninsula covered in bushes and cedars, surrounded by high sand dunes. Just before you get to Aliko take a left for Pirgaki, another lovely beach.

Naxos Sights

One of the oldest and most impressive sights in Naxos town is the Portara gateway, on the islet of Palatia in the harbor, which is connected to the land by a road. This huge gateway was intended to be the entrance to a Temple of Apollo, begun in 530 B.C. but never completed. Today it is frequently used as a symbol for the town and the island.

The fascinating Archaeological museum houses an extensive collection of local artifacts, which naturally includes a good number of the graceful carvings made during the Cycladic civilization. There is a beautiful mosaic in the courtyard dating from the Hellenistic era.

To the right of the entrance to the old town there is the Della Rocca house and museum. This house forms part of the fort's wall. There is a collection of objects on display inside going back to the 15th century. There is a splendid view of the port and the Islet of Palatia from one of the balconies.

The Bellonia tower is about 6 kilometers from Naxos town, on the way out to the village of Galanado which is off to the southeast. Built by the Venetians, this was the residence of the Bellonia family. There is a little church here, divided by a double apse, one side is Roman Catholic and the other Greek Orthodox.

melanes kouros
Melanes is in fact a group of several hamlets in one of the island's lushest valleys 8 kilometers to the east of Naxos town, distinguished by its numerous towers, which can be viewed from a nearby footpath. About 3 kilometers from Melanes, in Flerio, is an unfinished Kouros from the 7th sentury, lying in a nice garden.

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Naxos Ikaros Apartments

ikaros apartmentsIkaros is a family hotel which offers quality  accommodation at reasonable prices in a quiet corner near the city of Naxos and the saint George beach.


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